Modi Hairplant for Good Results

Modi Hairplant

Hairtransplant Surgery Guide

✔ Pre-Surgery Precautions

 1 Week Before Surgery 

[01] Refrain from taking hair growth agents such as Minoxidil, Vitamins, Red Ginseng Juice, and Onion Juice 1 week before surgery. However, you can take your blood pressure medicine, diabetes medicine, and cardiovascular disease medicine regardless of surgery. If you are taking any other medications, consult your doctor in advance to adjust the dose.

[02] For surgery, on the day before surgery, refrain from drinking and sleep enough.

[03] We recommend visiting us as long as possible because the hair in the occipital and temporal areas must be able to cover the surgical area.

[04] If you have gray hair, dye all the hair up to the root the day before surgery.

 D-Day of Surgery 

[01] For a smooth operation, avoid drinking alcohol and get enough sleep the day before surgery.

[02] Refrain from consuming food except for water for 3 hours before surgery.

[03] Please wash your hair before coming. Avoid using hair products such as wax and black powder for hair, and remove the manicure before visiting us.

[04] Please wear comfortable clothes, and it is better to bring a hooded jacket with a zipper or an adjustable loose-fitting hat or bandana to cover the surgical area.

[05] If you are receiving eyebrow transplantation, we recommend bringing sunglasses.

[06] On the day after surgery, avoid driving and important appointments and get enough rest.

 ✔ Post-Surgery Care 

 How To Care After Surgery 

[01] We recommend taking the medicine given here after a meal, and mild diarrhea may occur due to the antibiotics contained in the medicine.

[02] Drinking and smoking are prohibited for at least 2 weeks. To increase the rate of hair engraftment, stop smoking after surgery.

[03] Wearing a wig is generally possible 7-10 days after surgery, but it may vary depending on the type of wig. Therefore, please consult with your doctor.

[04] In the case of incisional surgery, you have to visit the hospital 14 days after the operation to check the surgical area and remove the stitches.

[05] It is recommended to avoid excessive exercise, sauna, jjimjilbang(Korean Dry Sauna), swimming pool, and public bath for 2 weeks after surgery.

[06] We recommend doing a haircut 2 weeks after surgery and a permanent or a hair-dye 2 months after surgery.

[07] There may be a natural loss of transplanted hair from 2-4 weeks after surgery, and the hair that has fallen out begins to grow after 2-3 months.

[08] Two weeks after surgery, you may feel itching in the back of the head. If you moisturize the skin in the back of the head with a mist spray given at Modi Hairplantl, the itching will be improved.

[09] After surgery, the dull feeling in the parietal of the head gradually returns within 2 months.

“Many thanks for trusting and following Modi Hairplant. In addition to the above precautions, various inconveniences may occur after surgery. If you experience any inconvenience, please feel free to contact us.”

 ✔ Post-Surgery Precautions

 Care of the Hair Transplant Area 

It is advised that the transplanted area be kept wet and free of physical stimulation for 2 weeks after surgery. Spray the hair transplanted area with the mist supplied by our clinic every 2 hours to keep it wet.


Mild Edema(Swelling) along the forehead may occur 3-5 days after surgery. To prevent edema, please follow the following guidelines after surgery.

01. Apply the ice pack given by Modi Hairplant on your forehead for 15 minutes at least 3 times every day till 5 days following surgery. Make sure the ice pack does not come into contact with the hair transplant area.

02. Avoid sleeping face down and instead sleep comfortably while staring at the ceiling. The symptom can be reduced by sleeping with your upper body elevated to 45 degrees.


A small amount of bleeding in the hair donor and recipient areas within 2 to 3 days following surgery is a natural occurrence, so you don’t need to be concerned. During this time, it is advised to sleep with a sheet or a towel on the pillow.

 How To Relieve the Pain 

You may feel pain in the surgical area on the evening of the day of surgery, and the pain will gradually diminish over time. If you experience pain, do the following:

*Take 2 Tylenol 500mg tablets as needed. The dosing interval is 4-6 hours, and you can take up to 8 tablets a day. If there is a pain as if the back of the head is pulling, wet the affected area 2-3 times with lukewarm water.

How To Shampoo After Surgery

 Hair Wash 

You can wash your hair from the day after surgery. Since hair washing prevents infection of the head wound and increases the engraftment rate of transplanted hair, it is recommended to perform once a day. It is better to wash your hair to prevent the accumulation of sebum after exercise. Please follow the precautions below


 2 Weeks From The Day After Surgery 

01. Wet the hair transplant area with lukewarm water, and place the gauze foamed with the shampoo provided by the hospital on the implantation area.

02. Wash other areas including the area where the hair was extracted by gently rubbing with your fingers.

03. Carefully remove the gauze from the hair transplant area covered with gauze soaked in shampoo for at least 5 minutes.

04. Rinse the entire scalp thoroughly with lukewarm water.

05. Remove moisture from the scalp except for the transplanted area by gently pressing it with a dry towel, and then dry the hair with the cold wind with low intensity.

06. When possible, use your fingers rather than a comb to clean your hair, and be careful not to directly touch the hair transplant area. Use the mist (spray) provided by Modi Hairplant on the hair transplant area.

 2 Weeks After Surgery 
 You can shampoo as usual from 2 weeks after surgery 

01. Using lukewarm water under weak water pressure, gently massage the scalp with your fingertips except for your nails.

02. After surgery, do not try to remove the scab on the root of the hair, but let it fall off naturally.

03. You can brush your hair with a soft comb, including the hairtransplant area.

✔Post-Surgery Care Program

After 2 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, hair transplant medical staff with extensive clinical experience systematically accompany the entire process from pre-surgery consultation to surgery and after-sales service.

 Scalp Care Program for Intensive Recovery Care 
Care Program 01

Use a scalp dressing shampoo the day after surgery.

It prevents infection at the surgical area and increases the engraftment rate of transplanted hair.

Care Program 02

Scalp care 2 weeks after surgery

Scaling is appropriate for the state of the scalp, as well as high-frequency scalp therapy, soothes the scalp that has been sensitive to surgery and encourages the development of transplanted hair.

Care Program 03

Hair cell magnetic field treatment at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months after surgery

/ Scalp high frequency, Electroporation

/ Far-infrared treatment Micro-magnetic field regenerates cells, blocks DHT, a substance that causes hair loss, and promotes hair growth, wound healing, and regenerative functions as a growth-promoting ingredient.

Care Program 04

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy After Surgery

A high concentration of oxygen is inhaled through medical hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy, and the concentration of soluble oxygen dissolved in plasma in the blood is increased. Therefore, it smoothly supplies oxygen to the microscopic capillaries that hemoglobin cannot pass through.

After hair transplant surgery, it improves the engraftment rate, prevents bacterial and viral infections by increasing immunity, improves blood circulation, removes free radicals, prevents post-surgery edema, and promotes wound recovery. This promotes faster recovery and improves surgical outcomes.

✔Post-operative Care Schedule

 D-Day of Surgery 

High Engraftment Rate & Recovery Promotion

Intravenous administration of Amino Acids, Antioxidants, and Blood Circulation Improving Agents.

Prevention of Detachment of Transplanted Hair Follicles

Apply Special Dressing

 The Day After Surgery 

*Wound Dressing Shampoo *Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

 2 Weeks After Surgery 

Scalp Scaling

*High-Frequency Treatment for Scalp *Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

fuss Customer After 2 Weeks

*Stitch Removal & Suture Inspection *FUE Hairplant Customers *No Stitches & Sutures

 3 Months After Surgery 

*Hair Cell Magnetic Treatment *High-Frequency Treatment for Scalp

*Electroporation *Far-infrared Radiation Treatment

 6 Months After Surgery 

*Hair Cell Magnetic Treatment *High-Frequency Treatment for Scalp

*Electroporation *Far-infrared Radiation Treatment


 9 Months After Surgery 

*Hair Cell Magnetic Treatment *High-Frequency Treatment for Scalp

*Electroporation *Far-infrared Radiation Treatment

 12 Months After Surgery 

*Hair Cell Magnetic Treatment *High-Frequency Treatment for Scalp

*Electroporation *Far-infrared Radiation Treatment

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Modi Hairplant For Good Results

Result Guaranteed Safety Surgery

Before surgery, the most curious and worrying question for patients is, "Is the expected amount of hair transplanted?"

Modi Hairplant provides real-time microscopic monitoring for accurate hair count confirmation. During surgery, the condition of the collected hair follicles and the number of hairs can be accurately checked through the monitor, so you can receive surgery with confidence..

Point 01

Real-time Microscope Monitoring

During surgery, the microscopic results of the retrieved hair follicles may be viewed on a monitor in real-time. So patients can be certain that their hair follicles are healthy and that the procedure is proceeding well.

Point 02

certificate for transplanted hairs

During the hair transplant procedure, Modi Hairplant uses a real-time counting device to count the amount of transplanted hair. After surgery, we will give you a certificate detailing the hair transplant parameters.

Point 03

Real-time Counting System

Both the number of hair follicles and the number of hairs are counted so that the patient can check the surgery results.

Hair transplantation medical team with extensive clinical expertise is with you throughout the whole procedure, from the consultation before surgery through surgery and follow-up treatment.

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